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Walentyna and Andrzej Gniewek

Walentyna and Andrzej Gniewek

Gniewek Table Tennis is a family company that has over forty years experience in table tennis that has been gained gradually by all family members. GNIEWEK Table Tennis is specialized in organizing international table tennis training camps and tournaments for children, youth and adults by sharing their passion for this wonderful sport. The constantly growing number of participants and supporters of GNIEWEK Table Tennis led to the organization of numerous training camps and tournaments hosting players and coaches from countries such as China, Estonia, France, Kazakhstan, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, United States of America, Syria, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, and even the United Arab Emirates. Every year the number of participants increases while the gained experience, nice and pleasant moments remain for a long time in the memory of every one who has experienced the warmth and professionalism at the events organized by GNIEWEK Table Tennis.

The family passion for table tennis started by Andrzej and Walentyna Gniewek in the 60 ‘, is now continued by their two children, Karolina and Wiktor, who with the same commitment, charisma and dedication of their parents, want to share their knowledge, experience and passion for table tennis.

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